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ISRS Login Issues

login ... Question My ISRS account also is not allowing me to log on. Where can I get help? Overview If you are experiencing issues logging into ISRS/Uniface, try the following steps: Delete the

Accessibility Features in Zoom Phone

Accessibility options for Zoom Phone. This includes Live Transcription. ... accessibility ... /Desktop computers (Windows and macOS) as well as the Zoom App installed on smartphones (Android and iPhone). For additional accessibility questions or needs, please contact IT Solutions or submit a ticket to have our telecommunications team design a solution to best accommodate your needs.

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

LOG IN TO ZOOM How Can I Get Help with Zoom? There are many ways to get assistance with Zoom video conferencing. Zoom Help Center Zoom Tutorial Videos Zoom Live Training Sessions

Enroll New iPhone in Multi-Factor Authentication

selecting the ‘additional security verification’ link Login Students: [StarID] Faculty/Staff: [StarID]   Once signed in, you will be prompted to

Eduroam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

the international research and education community. For more information regarding this service, go to eduroam’s website. eduroam is the preferred Wi-Fi network for personally-owned and system-owned

D2L Brightspace: Submit a Quiz on a Student's Behalf

with an in-progress status on the Grade Quiz page, and the Impersonate icon appears next to the student's attempt. If you want to submit the quiz for the student, follow these steps: 1. Go to the

Turnitin: Test submit or submit drafts to Turnitin in D2L Brightspace

assignment ... must set up an Turnitin on your Assignments folder. You must complete these steps before students submit to the Assignment. Navigate to Assignments. Locate the Assignments folder you want to add

D2L Brightspace: Find a Student Who Has Disappeared From a Class

student ... these steps to request enrollment: Submit a ticket by emailing Indicate that you Request manual Student enrollment in a D2L course to restore grade book, assignments

Adobe Error - You Don't Have Access to Manage Apps

apps ... Question How do I fix the error "You don't have access to manage these apps?"  Overview If a user is logging into creative cloud and cannot download any apps with the error "You don't have

D2L Brightspace: Key Things to Know About Sections

Question What is the Sections tool? What do Students see in the Classlist in merged/grouped classes? Overview Sections are automatically created when courses are added or merged/grouped in

D2L Brightspace: Discussion Topics/Forums Not Displaying for Students

Question Why can't my students see discussions forums/topics in D2L? Overview If students report that they cannot see a Discussion Forum or Topic, sometimes this is due to Availability or

Microsoft Teams - Login

login ... Question How do I sign into Microsoft Teams?  Overview Sign into Teams by using your for students, or for staff and StarID pass

Embedding LinkedIn Learning Videos in a D2L Brightspace Course

Use Google Chrome and go to the Content area of your D2L course where you want to add the LinkedIn Learning videos. Use the Existing Activity button > LinkedIn Learning to search and add the video(s). ... Adding LinkedIn Learning videos into your D2L Brightspace course takes just a few clicks. Please use the Google Chrome web browser for adding LinkedIn Learning videos as there are currently

D2L Brightspace: Release Final Grades (Students unable to view final grade)

Question I can see my students' final grade, but they say they can't. | How to I let my students see their final calculated grade in D2L? | Why can't my students see their Final Grade in D2L

Installing Mathematica on macOS for a Personal Computer

:// and be asking you for your email address.  Enter your email address and click on Continue. ​​​​​​​ Note:  If you are already logged into your email you may get