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Warranty Help for Apple, Dell, HP, and Consumer Priority Service

have a computer being repaired and want to check the status. Overview Check your warranty coverage with this information. under the category of device that you have.   You may also use this

Cisco Jabber Client: Installation

get the client launched and connected on your Mac computer   PC Install   Launch Software Center through the start menu by either looking through the list of installed applications or

Enroll New iPhone in Multi-Factor Authentication

the listed Office Phone (listed below) Verify Office Phone if this is your office phone. If this is NOT your office phone, DO NOT select this option Verify Alternate

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

service, but they only hang around 180 days. See More Screen Sharing and Whiteboard Help You can share your computer screen or annotate on a whiteboard with Zoom. Note: instead of you are used to

Zoom: Sign In on Mac with University Zoom Account

Question How do I sign into the Zoom application on Mac computers with my University Zoom Account?  Overview Install the Zoom application on your Mac computer. (How to Install on Mac

Accessing ISRS on University Owned Machine

Question How do I access ISRS on my MNSU computer?  Overview These instructions presume you are accessing ISRS on a machine from which you have previously used to access ISRS on campus

Docking Station Display Issues

. Click the Start Button located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Right click Computer and select Manage. In the Computer Management window, click Device Manager. Expand Display Adaptors

MediaSpace - Create Recording

Capture This will download a recorder Find the window entitled Kaltura Capture on your computer Click an option on the RECORD tab to begin a recording SCREEN - This option

Connecting to eduroam with macOS (available from on or off campus) 3. The system should automatically pull the correct Operating System, select Sign In 4. Sign in with your and password

FlexSync Classroom: Join Meeting Without Audio

, then select Leave Computer Audio   If you want your computer to prompt you to join audio each time you join a Zoom meeting so you can decide each meeting whether you want to join audio

Malware Removal - Personal Devices

Question I have malware on my computer, how do I remove it? Overview  NOTE: Free version of Malwarebytes cannot be used at MSU. If you have a state asset and think you may have malware on

Adobe Creative Suite and Imaging

Question What Adobe products come on my new University asset tagged computer  I have Photoshop on my computer, will it be there when I get it re-imaged?       Overview We have built the most

Connecting to Krypton

server is: If you are off campus you will need to use the VPN.  You can get the VPN information in the following FAQ: Windows Mac Windows: Map Network Drive

Multi-Factor Authentication - Self Enrollment for iOS phones

backup verification methods Select Authentication Phone and enter a phone number that is different from the listed Office Phone (listed below) If you have an office phone number assigned to you

Hard Drive Full After Windows Reinstallation

Question How do I remove Windows.old files from my computer? Overview In Windows Search Menu, search for Disk Cleanup Select Clean up system files. The program will restart Click