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Qualtrics: Report for a Subgroup of Respondents

, student, or staff, a filter allows you to limit a report to those who selected student. To apply a filter to report: Log in to Qualtrics, from the Main Menu, click Projects. In Projects

Multi-Factor Authentication - New Android Phone

information-security ... by selecting the ‘additional security verification’ link                Log in using your StarID credentials. Students: [StarID] Faculty/Staff: [StarID

Create an Event in the Mav Life App as a Department

This article shows how to create an event in Mav Life as a department. ... the Campus Cloud portal   Enter your email and password and click “Log In.”  (Your email is your University email address (usually and the password is the password

Change Your Email Address and Name in MavMAIL

other university systems. A preferred name can replace your first, middle, and/or last name. You can create or edit your preferred name through E-services: Log in to E-Services Click Account

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Login with StarID

Question How do I login to ImageNow with my StarID? Overview The steps to be able to login with StarID to Perceptive Content / ImageNow are as follows: The Security Manager at your

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Client Install

This article goes over the steps to install Perceptive Content / ImageNow Client ... Client Getting Help, use your Star ID to log in and find the client install link).  Login as local Administrator to computer. Grant "Write" access to the

Linking LinkedIn Learning Videos in a D2L Brightspace Course

portal.  Without this, students are unable to log in to the generic, which is where the videos direct them. Add the following string of characters to the end of the video url

Adobe Acrobat is Asking for a Login/Trial Period

Question What can I do if Adobe is asking for a Login/Trial period?  Overview Please see Adobe's Website and follow the steps to try to resolve the issue   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Remove/Hide D2L Brightspace Courses with Inactivation

inactive ... the Instructor Resources widget. -or- 2.a. If prompted, log in with your MavMail credentials. 2.b. If prompted, click the Allow button to grant permission to use SharePoint with your

How to Install Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff

install ... Question How do you download Office 365? How do you install Microsoft Office? Overview Using any browser, log into Mavmail at Replace YOUR StarID for StarID

Forward email in Office 365

Question How do I forward email in MavMAIL? Overview Note:  This is only for student email accounts.  Employee email accounts can't be forwarded. Log into MavMAIL. In the upper right

Add Pictures to Media in Tightrope

Question How do I add pictures to Media in Carousel? Overview Via any web browser, log onto Front Door/Tightrope Once you have logged on, click Carousel Click Media Click Pictures

MavPRINT Error Alias Already in Use

Question I am trying to login to MavPRINT from a kiosk and receiving the error "Alias alreayd in use" what should I do?  Overview If a customer is trying to login into MavPRINT from a Kiosk

Warranty Help for Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and Consumer Priority Service

: (800)-642-7676   CPS: Consumer Priority Service: Log in to your customer account or create an account using the policy number on your warranty certificate. Enter all the necessary information to enable a repair and work order.   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Instructor Access

:// Login with your StarID and Password. Locate your courses in the My Courses widget or the Course Selector waffle icon. What does Instructor of Record mean? To be