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Acceptable Use Policies

Question What is acceptable use consist of on MNSU Campus?  Overview The residence hall network is a shared resource designed for student access to the Internet for appropriate academic and

Setup Outlook with a Department E-mail Account

Password boxes Click Next It will start searching for the mailbox, once it locates it a log in box appears.  Enter your email address Students, Alumni and Emeriti:

Office 365: Changing Document Permissions in Office 365 Delve

Click the Shared with link to see who has permission to access your document Edit the permissions as you would a OneDrive document Request Help

How to Forward a Cisco Desk Phone to a University-Provided Cell Phone

than your MavMAIL mailbox Setting a forward will forward ALL calls until the forward is removed. The rest of the bullets are good Request Help

FlexSync Classroom: Start a Zoom Meeting

Question How do I start a meeting in a FlexSync Classroom?  Overview Prior to your meeting time you should have created a meeting space and shared the invitation to that meeting space with

D2L Brightspace: Request to Add Homepage Announcement

is appropriate to share on that forum. This also has the potential for reducing the effectiveness of announcements directed at improving student and faculty success and experience in D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace: Unable to Upload Documents

large media files (audio and video) it is recommended that users use MediaSpace,, and a sharable link or the Insert Stuff feature to share large media files

Zoom Web Conferencing Solution

: Create a customized personal meeting ID link Schedule a Zoom meeting using Outlook Collaborate on projects Share or annotate on one another's screens Record sessions o Faculty and

D2L Brightspace: Upload Documents Directly from OneDrive (Instructors)

Question How do I upload documents from my OneDrive to D2L Brightspace? Overview Teacher and Teacher's Assistant users can upload and share Office 365 OneDrive documents with students in the

Obtain Email Addresses For Research

information. (i.e. GPA>=3.8, address type, undergrad vs graduate, etc.) Share the IRB number Request a particular date Submit a request to IT Solutions via one of the following methods

User Account for Polleverywhere

: By an invitation from the Teacher or the polls author/owner through email By invitation from the Teacher or the Author through text message (phone text message)      Through the link provided to share the poll   Request Help

D2L Brightspace: Edit Instructor Profile widget on course homepage

added from the course Classlist and each Teacher’s Profile information in D2L Brightspace.   The default information shared is the Teacher’s name and email address. You can also optionally choose

D2L Brightspace: Merged or Grouped courses

you teach a 400/500 course to facilitate sharing materials and communication. How will I know what students are in what Section? D2L Brightspace will automatically create Sections for you

Zoom: Configure Personal Meeting Room For FlexSync Classrooms

the Alternative Hosts field enter the email address of the person that you want to share meeting controls with. An example of this would be an Academic Support Student Worker that is assisting with managing your classroom  Select Save when finished Request Help

Connect a Zoom Meeting to a HD Video Conferencing/Telepresence Classroom

symbol 8. You are now dialed into you Zoom meeting with the Cisco Telepresence system. Share your Zoom meeting link or Personal Meeting ID number with your participants to join the meeting   Request Help